I can’t praise this place enough…the food here is very good value and absolutely delicious, their service is impeccable and friendly, and I tell all my friends that this is, bar none, the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, period. Even though it’s across town from where I live, I try to go at least once a week. Their lunch specials might be one of the best deals in town–$8 buys you a great meal with generous portions. Yelp Reviewer Kathryn R. 2/1/2014


I love how the food here is cheap and tasty. About 90% of the time I’m ordering to go for by BF and I, it takes no longer than 10-15 mins. The lady who usually takes my order is SUPER nice, im assuming she’s the owner, but I could be wrong. My favorite dishes are the Hot and Sour soup and the eggplant w/ chicken and shrimp. They also serve brown rice here. Lunch menu is pretty good as well Yelp Reviewer Tracy S. 1/16/2014


As a resident of Petaluma, this is our go-to place for Chinese food. Whenever we go in, the waiters and servers are really friendly, and the food is always excellent – we particularly like one waiter who we have consistently, but they are all great.

I had been wanting to write a review about this place for awhile, but what triggered it was a recent delivery that we had from this place – I hope that they read these so that they know how much their delivery was appreciated. We ordered about $35 worth of food to be delivered, and it came really quickly (although we live on the West side which is on the other side of town), and was very nicely packaged in a large brown box. The guy who delivered had to park in a very awkward place (right out on a very busy street) but he was OK with it – and the BEST part was that we realized that they gave us a free carton of vegetarian chow mein!! We had seen this on their menu, but we were too lazy to print out a coupon… but they did it anyhow!

In short, GREAT Chinese food, GREAT service. What more can you ask for?

Yelp Reviewer Chris R. 3/19/2013


My husband and I love this place! The woman (whose picture is featured on the main page of their website) is an absolute delight. There is a kind, mature gentleman who is our favorite waiter. We are actually disappointed if he is not working when we go there. They greet us like old friends and we have a great experience every time!

The sweet and sour chicken is amazing! We’ve had the lemon chicken, szechuan chicken, garlic chicken, pot stickers, sizzling soup, veg chow mein and we love it all! Yelp Reviewer Mira A. 4/27/2013


This place is the best.  We love it when we aren’t in the mood of cooking and need a quick and easy dinner.   They have it all.  They take a good simple phone order, and when we arrive its always ready and fresh.   I highly recommend this place.  Take out is preferred, but a seated dinner there is not so bad either Yelp Reviewer Wayne S. 8/1/2012


Love this place the food is great and they always deliver to the outskirts of town! Yelp Reviewer Shane K. 7/19/2012


The lunch special is $6.25. The food quality is up there with the best Chinese I’ve ever had. On top of it, the two people that helped us were the nicest and friendliest servers I have seen in a Chinese place.  Mongolian beef was delish, and the Szechuan Chicken was amazing. The crab puffs are the best ones I’ve ever tried. All that with the lowest priced Chinese food in town. We got there right when it opened and it was already busy. You really can’t go wrong with this place. Yelp Reviewer William H. 7/14/2012


Best lunch deal in town – huge Lunch Special selection till 4pm M-F,  all well under $10 – that includes your tea, your soup, your appetizer, and your entree with rice or chow mein. Walnut prawns are a bit sweet, but I don’t mind that. Schezwan prawns and Schezwan squid – excellent. Lovely classic professional service at this place, always.  Yelp Reviewer Susan B. 6/15/2012


I think this place is the best Chinese food in town. Super nice workers and they are really fast. I love there crab puffs and hot and sour soup, the garlic chicken is good too. Yelp Reviewer Matt N. 4/21/2012